Roczey (Roxy) Pacifx (Pacific + fix) is all natural skin health in a spray for people and "fur people." It is a kelp-based solution for topical use on burns, cuts, diabetic sores, acne, shingles, eczema and other skin conditions.

     I'm Ed Roczey. The story began when my five-year-old granddaughter was struggling with eczema. Her skin was red, itchy, and split at the joints. When we visited each other, I couldn't stand seeing her so miserable. The doctors tried to help her with cream and shots, and her mom tried natural oils. She still suffered. I remembered a place, as a young diver living near the Pacific, that was special for its healing properties. I processed a kelp solution into a spray that could be applied without touching her tender skin. 

     After three days, she no longer had symptoms, and now just uses it on occasion for touch-ups. Shortly thereafter, my neighbor called with concerns that he may lose his leg from the damage of an oozing diabetic sore. It was the diameter of a golf ball, and his doctor had been treating it for four years. After three weeks of using Roczey Pacifix, only a tiny scab remained. He has no sores today and is grateful for the connection.  Roczey Pacifix is an all natural spray for skin health. What a relief!


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